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Polar Special is the specialist in GDP temperature-controlled transport and warehousing for the pharmaceutical and medical industry.



Published: June 2022

Nijmegen 9th June – Polar Special has completed the acquisition of Truvion Healthcare Logistics BV, the logistics division of Truvion Healthcare BV.
Polar Special is part of the Cornelissen Company and this acquisition means a further strengthening of Polar Special in Pharma Logistics and distribution.

Both family-owned companies are well known for their professionalism, excellent quality of services and innovative vision of the markets in which they operate. By introducing a further focus and specialization to their services, both companies are prepared for the future.

“We see the acquisition of Truvion Healthcare Logistics as a further development of our services. With the increased complexity of the pharma market in mind, the growth of our operations enables us to offer a wider range of services to our clients. Furthermore, scale is an important factor in meeting rising quality standards, flexibility, sustainability and digitization requirements in this industry” according to Mark van der Drift, CEO of Polar Special.

Olivier de Graaf, CEO of Truvion Healthcare about the acquisition: “The sale of our logistics activities is a strategic choice to introduce further focus to our organization. This allows us to extend our current portfolio and introduce new (innovative) products, concepts and services in the field of healthcare, which is part of our goal to contribute to the quality of healthcare for patients in the Benelux.

Polar Special will continue to be our logistic service provider and we are looking forward to the collaboration. Furthermore, we are glad that our employees will again be part of a family-owned company like Polar Special.”

Polar Special is part of the Cornelissen Company, a family-owned business that for several years strongly believes in the strength of logistics in vital industries. With the completion of the acquisition, the group revenue will grow to €150 Million and the total number of employees will exceed 1.100. With a strong transportation network, warehousing, value-added logistics and multiple distribution capabilities the Cornelissen Company offer an innovative platform of logistic solutions for among other companies active in Retail, FMCG and Pharma.    

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Published: November 2021

After a period of successful test driving of the New Generation DAF XG at Polar Special, General Manager Mark van de Drift has received the keys of the first two DAF XG trucks out of the hands of Hans van der Boom, Sales Manager NL at DAF Trucks NV. This is the first part of the delivery for a total of seven units.

This involves the deployment of preproduction vehicles. The common goal of using these New Generation DAF vehicles is to gain and share experiences at an early stage.

We hope that you will see one of our new rides on the road in the near future.

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Published: November 2021

The storage and transport of healthcare and pharmaceutical products require a controlled, safe and precise approach. The right temperature, humidity, and safety are crucial to guaranty the quality of all products. Therefore, our advanced warehouses and trucks have several storage conditions, such as cold storage (+2 °C until +8 °C) and conditioned (+15 °C until +25 °C).


All compartments are equipped with modern safety systems from Dyzle that monitors and records the temperature 24/7. This allows us to provide our customers with always complete temperature registration and guaranteed consistent quality.


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Published: October 2021

Polar Special is specialized in GDP temperature controlled storage facilities for pharmaceutical products in the ranges 15-25°C and 2-8°C. We have recently opened a third warehouse in the district of Nijmegen. Additional we have an extensive GDP-certified European transport network that ensures that your products are delivered safe, clean and within the defined temperature range at their final destination. More information about our warehousing activities?